My Services

Arrive at outstanding results with the ideal approach using proven tools and techniques. From working with a client on specific business challenges through to creating a comprehensive, flexible and sustainable personal development plan, Positive Intent offers a wide range of services. With an extensive set of techniques and processes Positive Intent gives you the tools to successfully meet and even exceed your goals. Read more below about how I can help you achieve your objectives.

Process and Approach

The first step towards success for our clients is to help them identify and define their goals. We then ask the client for enough background and information about themselves so that we can together agree the reality of their current situation. At this stage we are ready to start an ongoing coaching relationship with defined outcomes, timescales and frequency of meetings. We also have at our disposal a number of tools and techniques that the client may wish to explore with Positive Intent.

Tools and Techniques

Clients use 360° Feedback to identify areas for improvement and to measure progress before and after a coaching period. We use online 360° Feedback to measure a team’s group behaviour, facilitating an action plan for Team Effectiveness. Together we construct Personality Profiles to analyse the client’s life and work preferences and bring insight and self awareness to the client. 360° Feedback can also show how you manage your own emotions and responses to other people’s behaviour, facilitating an action plan for improving Emotional Intelligence.


The potential scope of the coaching relationship that we offer depends on what our clients want. At an initial meeting we find out what the client wants to get from coaching and then we design together a way of working that will best suit the client in achieving their desired outcomes. Typical outcomes cover the spectrum from working with a client on specific business challenges through to creating a comprehensive and flexible sustainable personal development plan.