Yes We Can

On the day that we knew that the USA had chosen President Obama we heard the man himself repeat this mantra and his enraptured audience repeat it back each time he said it. His election success was a remarkable outcome of the “yes we can” attitude and who knows what other outcomes it may produce for our future world.

“Yes we can” underpins all good coaching conversations. It is the solutions focus and self belief that are such important foundation stones of a productive coaching relationship. When I listened to Obama over the last few months it was sometimes as if he was ‘championing’ the US electorate – bringing out in them their own innate self-confidence as a nation, and belief in themselves as individuals to bring about change.

‘Championing’ is another skill available to a good coach – even the chiefest of chief executives benefit from some targetted external championing, particularly when the business challenges are forming a not so orderly queue at their door.


Political elections are not daily events but Voting is something we all do all the time. Writing this blog is something I voted to do (rather than get on with paperwork for the VAT return!), and in business life executives are constantly voting on how best to use their own time and resources. A coach will help you identify how you are voting with the time, resources and options available to you. Sometimes we vote for something because we’ve always voted for it, its become a habit. These habits are often worth identifying and challenging and there are techniques to change your voting habits but more of that another day…