Value Coaching

Positive Intent operates from two bases in South and North of England which gives a pretty good geographical coverage. Up north today and a supermarket chain based here has reported a big increase in new customers at its stores nationwide trying out its “value” range of goods, seen as an outcome of economic belt tightening.

Value coaching is not just about value for money although that is critical for a coach company as any other business. Values form a central part of many coaching sessions. Value coaching is an exploration of the value (s) central to a client’s business and way of living and working. Always useful, Value coaching is particularly helpful when:

  • you want to refocus on what truly matters to you
  • there are difficult decisions to make and you want to be sure that you are being true to your own values
  • you are changing direction and you want to ensure the steps you take are appropriate to yourself and those that will make it happen

In short, the more external stresses we face, its important to reduce our internal stresses, and we can achieve this by doing things that align with our deeply held values. Too often by ignoring our values, or assuming that we have to violate our values when doing difficult things ( a limiting belief which can be challenged with good coaching), we perform less well at a time when we want to be at our peak.

As for Positive Intent value coaching has other meanings. For smaller businesses we will consider alternative ways of reflecting our value – if client funds are strictly limited during the coaching period we will offer payment via future profit as an alternative. This approach reflects a very important value to us – being loyal and available to our clients over the longer term.