Election Time

In the midst of all our worries about the Global pandemic crisis, which in its turn has  replaced our worries about the Global pan-economic crisis, its easy to forget there’s an election going on… in India, the Global no.1 electorate.

There will be soon many millions of votes cast and a result, clear or otherwise will be announced. And that pretty much sums up every day in our own working and private lives. Almost everyone has the freedom to vote for, within the usual constraints of money and time, what they are going to do.

Our daily lives are a series of votes, with a variety of candidates available to us… What we are going to do, how we are going to be with others and even to an extent how we are inside ourselves. If reading this comes as a surprise it may be that this voting process has become so habitual that it has become unconscious behaviour. Not a bad thing altogether given our busy lives but an excellent coach will take time out with you to examine your voting habits and patterns.  There may be things you want to change but haven’t had time to notice.

A client recently discovered through the coaching conversation that they were driving themselves to meet standards that exceeded the requirements of the important stakeholders in and out side of their organisation. This realisation did not mean they dropped their standards but did give them more of a choice when undertaking future projects and taking more time over exactly what the stakeholders were requiring from them. This action would then release more time for them choose other activities which they felt were becoming neglected (both in private life and working life).

It is often the way we are at work and the things we do that can slip into unconscious habit. The habit will sometimes produce good results relatively consistently but when the deadlines change or the working environment changes, it can let us down. Being aware that we have a choice in how and what we do at work can bring improvement to the quality of our work  and life in general.